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Liz McClarnon: My Cyberstalking Hell

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Channel 5 tonight airs a documentary, Liz McClarnon: My Cyberstalking Hell, in which Liz talks about the abuse she, and several Atomic Kitten fans, suffered at the hands of a cyberstalker over the past three or so years.  The cyberstalker who targeted them was caught and handed down six restraining orders earlier this year, and sentenced to three years probation and ordered to undertake a community sex-offences programme.

Liz discussed the topic with Lorraine on ITV this morning, you can watch the interview here;  and has spoken to the Daily Star about the ordeal, you can read the article on their website.  She will also be on tonight’s Five News at 6:30pm.

Liz supports the call for ‘report’ links on social network sites, and is keen that anyone who suffers abuse reports it so that it can be dealt with.

If anyone has any particular concerns over this story, please get in contact with us by emailing abuse@atomickitten.com, or visit channel5.com/cyberstalking.

The programme airs at 10pm tonight, Channel 5.