Big Reunion Video Exclusive – Friday on Daybreak

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The video for the Big Reunion Christmas single, “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday” which features Atomic Kitten and the other Big Reunion artists, will premiere on Daybreak this Friday (tomorrow) at 7:50am, along with some behind-the-scenes footage! Don’t miss it! The video will also be available to pre-order[…]

Remember remember, the 20th December!

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Forget Guy Fawkes, the 20th December is the date to remember this year… after you’ve seen the Kittens on the Big Reunion Tour of course!  For not only is there a brand new one hour Big Reunion special being screened, it’s also the night of ITV’s 2013 Text Santa appeal, where Liz, Kerry, Natasha,[…]

The Big Reunion Christmas Single!

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Atomic Kitten and their fellow Big Reunion bands 911, B*Witched, 5ive, Blue, Liberty X and Honeyz have been busy recording a Christmas single, to be released in support of charity Text Santa. The single, Wizzard’s Christmas classic “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday”, is due out on 15th December,[…]

the Kitten milkshake

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Throughout September, Shakeaway, the world’s largest MilkShake bar company, are producing a very special shake… the Kitten milkshake! Containing a purrfect combo on kittenness, KitKat Chunky, Smarties and topped with Flake, drinking it you’ll feel like the cat who got the cream! www.shakeaway.co.uk